Hi, Evgeny!
I used iKnow Entities as words in a dropdown list of a search field.  iKnow thinks "$case( $extract( units, 1" is entity, because it look some strange. 
​But I would like to use %iFind.FindEntities() (Idea from first Benjamin DeBoe's comment) for words in dropdown list of a search field after a short time.  I think it will fix this

Hi Benjamin.

I defined this property, 

Property HtmlText As %String(MAXLEN="");

Property PlainText As %String(MAXLEN="") [ Calculated, ReadOnly, SqlComputed, SqlComputeCode = { set {PlainText} = ##class(%iKnow.Source.Converter.Html).StripTags({HtmlText}) } ];

I need use iFind index on Property PlainText
But, I can not define iFind index on PlainText. I wrote like this
Index plainTextInd On (PlainText) As %iFind.Index.Analytic(INDEXOPTION = 2, LANGUAGE = "en", LOWER = 1, RANKERCLASS = "%iFind.Rank.Analytic"); , build index and than I had empty index.

I read in documentation, https://docs.intersystems.com/latest/csp/docbook/DocBook.UI.Page.cls?KEY..., that "if you intend to index this field, use deterministic code, rather than nondeterministic code. Caché cannot maintain an index on the results of nondeterministic code because it is not possible to reliably remove stale index key values. (Deterministic code returns the same value every time when passed the same arguments. So for example, code that returns $h is nondeterministic, because $h is modified outside of the control of the function.)", so I think that we can not use index on calculated property.

Can We use iFind index on Calculated Property?

Thanks,Konstntin Eremin.

If I run the same query without the JSON_OBJECT function, I get data correctly from SQL table

I correctly got text from row where was error,  - {"Info": {"Error": {"ErrorCode":"5001","ErrorMessage":"ERROR #5001: Cannot find Subject Area: 'SampleCube'"} } }

This text ( {"Info":{"Error":"ErrorCode":"5001","ErrorMessage":"ERROR #5001: Cannot find Subject Area: 'SampleCube'"} } } ) isn’t message about error, it is just text in SQL table (Now I am working on Cache documentation. These text was from Cache documentation table).