Julian. Your answer makes the solution compete. I just put in the Method that was created in Ens.Rule.FunctionSet with a few minor changes and Bob's your uncle.

That is the alternative, but I thought it would be "nice" to have another option and you gave it to me. Now I can impress my peers.

The example test data that they give in Ensemble Demo.HL7.MsgRouter.Schema:ORM_O01 just confuses me even more.

I am missing something. My input data is not giving me the results that I am expecting. I think it is the way I am inputting the XML. Lets say the source is EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document SMP_KPMAIN1:KPMAIN1 and their are 2 group levels within this document. SMP_GRP1followed by SMP_GRP2. Within SMP_GRP1 there are 3 fields. GRP1FLD1, GRP1FLD2 and GRP1FLD3. Under SMP_GRP2 there are 5 fields. GRP2FLD1- 5. My question is, do I have to specify the whole document structure in my XML, even though I only want to test the transformation of one field? E.g. GRP2FLD4. The other question is, what would the XML look like? Is it different from a flat file transformation? I just cannot get it right.


Once again I do have to apologize. I did not give you enough information. I might have given you the impression that I do not know how to transform this particular type of class. All the steps that you described above, have been completed. It is just that I got stuck when I wanted to use the Test tool and I did not know how to input the test data for this particular type of class. It should be in order to use the link above to create my own input then? 

Sorry. I need to be more specific. An example which contains test data in the Inbox for this specific type of transformation.

I see my mistake now. The Demo is EnsLib.HL7.Message. My source is EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document. So the demo data format is useless in this case.  Is there an example somewhere of a transformation of a class of this type?