Actually, is anyone willing to share examples of their automated deployment strategies (i.e. chef cookbooks)? Being relatively new to working with Cache, it's not immediately obvious to me how I could write a script to take my plain text source code, send it to a Cache instance, and compile it automatically. A quick search of the docbook for "deployment" revealed this COS code for compiling a class:

Do $System.OBJ.Compile("MyApp.MyClass")

But the new source code would have to be in the Cache database already. Are there any interfaces exposed in Cache for remotely transpiling plain text source code into the database? I assume the Atelier REST service is doing something like this.

Thanks for this information; I was not familiar with this tool. As you will understand, a major motivation for implementing a git workflow is developer familiarity and buy-in.

Thanks for your comment. I am familiar with Chef and other such tools, and my organization is moving towards such a strategy. It just seemed to me that Atelier was designed for deployment as well since it is always syncing code with the connected server.

Thanks for your answer! I definitely appreciate your hard work in this area and overall I am really enjoying working with Atelier.