The code you supplied above doesn't compile correctly in Studio, so it looks like you can't read directly to a property of an object directly.  In your case, I would try something like this:

Set Name=##class(Example.Team1).%New()
read "Enter your name: ",nameinput
set Name.Name = nameinput
set status = Name.%Save()

There may be other ways of getting input into an object property, but this is one of the easiest.

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking here;  if there are more specific questions, please let us know.

Have you reviewed the Cache Programming Orientation Guide available in our documentation?  It's quite useful, and the "Basic Ideas in Class Programming" section seems like it would cover what you're asking about:

What version are you running?  I'd say the expected result is a successful login, assuming correct credentials are entered;  we'll try Delegated authentication first, and if that fails, then try Password.  I just tried this with _SYSTEM, and I got one LoginFailure and one successful Login when I view the Audit log.

For the LoginFailure:

Description:  Programmer mode login failure


Error message:  No access [ZAUTHENTICATE+1^ZAUTHENTICATE:%SYS]

Service name: %Service_Console

Login routine:  Programmer mode


What you described is what I would expect would happen.  If you're looking to restrict access based on code in ^ZAUTHENTICATE, you'll probably need to only have Delegated authentication checked/enabled for the service (this would of course mean the user is of type Delegated User instead of Cache Password User).