Well, I kept indicating to my copy of McAfee that the application they were halting should be ignored, but that certainly didn't stop the problem.  I tried to contact McAfee and indicate to them that there was a false positive for the files, and had little to no success.  I could find no way to contact them about the issue by email.  I then did call their TechMaster Support number, which ended up being totally laughable.  I finally decided to uninstall McAfee from my system and after that I was able to complete the installation.  So the idea that customers will be able to directly contact them via a support case doesn't seem very possible.

The MD5 of IRIS_Community-2022.2.0.368.0-win_x64.exe that I obtained was  fec44f570d1b64d8cd6ae15d41c5d602.  I did not find a value to compare this against.