This does the trick with regards to that now I can see the same inbound data within the  Ens.Container stream data is exactly what is passed down stream...That is good. There are no more references to "15@%Library.FileCharacterStream
". BUT  I still have this error 


Unable to load xml from message: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.


The message going downstream within the stream property starts out like this "<GenericMessage xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:s="">



" which i believe is appropriate for raw pdf data. (This I will research).

Thanks for the help I will work on this more. My best guess at this point is to review how the PDF is being encoded and what the expectation is on the downstream. The reference to line 1 position one might refer to the "%" character in my stream. Maybe the downstream expects something more similiar to 


Thanks Again

Thanks for response... im getting the error below on my BPL Log

ERROR <Ens>ErrBPTerminated: Terminating BP <APPLICATION>BPL # due to error: ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <INVALID OREF>zS1+13^<APPLICATION>BPL.Thread1.1 -- logged as '-' number - @' Set status=1,status=callrequest.Stream.CopyFrom(request.StreamFC)' > ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <INVALID OREF>zS1+13^<APPLICATION>.Thread1.1 -- logged as '-' number - @' Set status=1,status=callrequest.Stream.CopyFrom(request.StreamFC)'

Thanks for response...

<call name='To <application> Rest' target='To<application>REST' async='0' xpos='200' ypos='350' >
<request type='EnsLib.REST.GenericMessage>
<assign property="callrequestvalue="context.RESTMessageaction="set" />
<response type='EnsLib.REST.GenericMessage>
<assign property="context.RESTResponsevalue="callresponseaction="set" />

-Thanks, yes my first rounds of persistent data was not what I wanted introduced into my analysis data. I manged to figure it out by making sure to using the DeleteExtent method on my persistent class. Then feeding new data into my class, compiling  the object and then rebuilding the cube. 

-Do ##class(PO.PersistentObject).%DeleteExtent(),!


- set status = ##class(%DeepSee.Utils).%BuildCube("MyCube.Cube")