you try try 

ClassMethod AESEncode(str As %String, key)
    Set text=$ZCONVERT(str,"O","UTF8")
    set len=$l(text)
    if (16-len#16)'=0{
        for ii=1:1:(16-len#16){
            set text=text_$c(16-len#16)
        for ii=1:1:16{
            set text=text_$c(16)
    s stream=##class(%GlobalCharacterStream).%New()
    d stream.Write(text)
    s textstr=""
    while 'stream.AtEnd{
        set subtx=stream.Read(16)
        Set textstr =textstr_$system.Encryption.AESEncode(subtx,key)
    Set ret=$SYSTEM.Encryption.Base64Encode(textstr)
    s ret = $replace(ret,$c(13,10),"")
    q ret

 * 解密
ClassMethod AESDecode(str As %String, key)
    s ret = ##class(%SYSTEM.Encryption).Base64Decode(str)
    s ret = ##class(%SYSTEM.Encryption).AESDecode(ret, key)
    s ret = $zcvt(ret, "I", "UTF8")    
    set len=$l(ret)
    set lastch=$e(ret,len,len)
    set pos=0
    for index=1:1:16 {
        if $c(index)=lastch{
            set pos=index
    s ret = $e(ret,1,len-pos)
    q ret

Thank you very much, but I am not using production.There is a setQueryTimeout method in the% Net.Remote.Java.JDBCGateway class of IRIS, but this method does not exist in Ensemble2016, what should I do?

The code in IRIS is as follows:
ClassMethod jdbc() As %String
    #dim %JDBCGateway as %Net.Remote.Java.JDBCGateway
    s SQLConName="INC0001"
    s gc=$$GetJConnection^%apiGTW(SQLConName)
    i gc="" QUIT "-1^"_$$$ERROR($$$GTWCConnectionError)
    set myquery= "select top 1 * from SQLUser.OE_OrdTeeth"
    q:myquery="" "-1^sql can't empty"
    /// prepare sql
    s command=$ZCONVERT($p(myquery," ",1),"U") 
    If (command["CALL") {
        s sqlhstmt=%JDBCGateway.prepareCall(gc,myquery)
    } else {
        s sqlhstmt=%JDBCGateway.prepareStatement(gc,myquery)
      if (sqlhstmt < 0) {
        q "-1^"_%JDBCGateway.getErrorText()
       s sqlerr=%JDBCGateway.setQueryTimeout(sqlhstmt,5)
    if sqlerr<0{
        q "-1^"_%JDBCGateway.getErrorText()
    s sqlerr=%JDBCGateway.execQuery(sqlhstmt)
    if sqlerr<0{
        q "-1^"_%JDBCGateway.getErrorText()
    /// dump result 
    s colcount=%JDBCGateway.getColumnCount(sqlhstmt)
    while hasdata = 1 {
        s tpseudoid=%JDBCGateway.getString(sqlhstmt,1)
    } //matches while hasdata
    d %JDBCGateway.removeResultSet(gc)

 Stop the currently running production in an Ensemble namespace:
   Do ##class(Ens.Director).StopProduction()

   Start the specified production in the Ensemble namespace, as long as no other production is running:
   Do ##class(Ens.Director).StartProduction("myProduction")

Clean up a Troubled instance of a running production so that you can run a new instance in the Ensemble namespace:
  Do ##class(Ens.Director).RecoverProduction()