Thanks David,

There is no chance the source will correct their side

so will use second resolution:

should this do the job?

Class Test.BS.HL7.DMS.TCPService Extends EnsLib.HL7.Service.TCPService

/// Return the segment terminator string that the Parser and the document.ImportFromIOStream() method will use.
Method GetSegmentTerminator() As %String
    Quit $C(28,13,11)

Parameter ADAPTER = "Test.Adapter.HL7.DMS.TCPInboundAdapter";




it was my mistake

i updates the wrong request

once i fixed the right tone it updates immediately

Tried that (in production >> double click>restart).. didnt work.



in DTL condition?

what i have now is a DTL with left side my message  and right side a EnsLib.HL7.Message.

i drag relevant fields from left to right.

where would i need to use Document.  ?

am getting error <CLASS DOES NOT EXIST>zdoOneAction+25^EnsLib.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine.1

Thanks for all help!


so i changed to EnsLib.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine

and have created a rule and DTL with source = SQLtoHL7Req and target= EnsLib.HL7.Message(2.6:ADT_A01)

What do you mean by "check for properties of your request class there."?