I am reading the following code in ObjectScript:

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And there is a sentence which I am facing difficulties to understand:

kill ^OPNLib.Game.CWLF(..World)

I know that kill removes variables, OPNLib.Game are the package and subpackage, and ..World is a property. However what does CWLF mean?

You could think that it is the class' name, but it is:

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I have the following message when I try to import a WSDL to generate a SOAP service:

ERROR #5319: The type of a property of a class series cannot be recurring: SeleneHL7Service.hl71.escapeType:escape
> ERROR #5030: Error occurred while compiling SeleneHL7Service.hl71.escapeType class

I have found in the documentation:

5319 The type of a property in a serial class cannot be recursive: %1

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