Hi Ciaram,

I hope that´s not too late..

I´m using high Sierra too (with IRIS) and a Windows version. There are some differences between those platforms and mainly on terminal use as I could figure out. Despite some differences between IRIS and CACHE their approach are very similar.

To start for maintenance (restore database for example) or emergency:

open mac terminal after a stop on your instance.

type: sudo iris start "YOUR CACHE NAME" EmergencyId="your mac user","your mac user password"

Note: iris command=ccontrol (i guess in cache). Replace with appropriate command in cache. Be careful to type you mac user exactly the way you do in you machine. You user must be an administrator.

go to your cache installation dir /bin (cd ...)- I not sure that this is necessary in mac... it´s not a problem

start a session:

irissession "YOUR CACHE NAME"

Note: irissesion - Replace with appropriate command in cache

Then you are ready to launch you commands like "DO ˆBACKUP"  or ZN etc