We would like to know if there are any ramifications swapping out our code database while an Ensemble production is running. We are trying to minimize down time as much as possible and even though stopping and starting the production ideally would be pretty quick, is it possible that we could just restart the business hosts that had the code change?

So this is our setup:
Ensemble 2016.1

global cache.dat
code1 cache.dat
code2 cache.dat

Namespace that we switch to point to either code1 or code2 and is mapped to the globals.

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0 216

Is there some setting I'm missing with Atelier when it comes to auto indentation or something not supported yet? I noticed that it won't set the correct indentation when it comes to closing curly braces, as well as no auto indentation when I go to the next line after a beginning curly brace. If it's not something currently supported, is there any ETA on this?

IE This is what Atelier does:

Method blah(param1) as %Status {
Try {
Catch Exception {
// blah


This is what Cache studio does:

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