By mistake I have accepted your answer. Can you please help me on this. It would be great if you can provide some video or tutorial.


Ankur Shah  

We are using angular as front end and Intersystem IRIS as a backend. 
We created a CI/CD pipeline for angular project without docker container with VSTS. Same way we want to implement CI/CD pipeline for Intersytem IRIS.

Goal is to move our IRIS code from stage server to production server with the help of CI/CD pipeline. Moreover, we don't have any idea on docker and not sure what additional infrastructure required for used docker container. 

I want to store the LabCode value in database as combination of LabName & LabID property. In LabCode field LabName value stored but LabID not stored. Can you please help me on this.

Please refer below example.

Index LabIDX On LabID [ PrimaryKey ];
Property LabID As %Integer(MAXVAL = 2147483647, MINVAL = -2147483648) [ Identity, SqlColumnNumber = 2 ];
Property LabName As %Library.String(MAXLEN = 128) [ Required, SqlColumnNumber = 3 ];
Property ShortName As %Library.String(MAXLEN = 64) [ SqlColumnNumber = 4 ];
Property LabCode As %Library.String(MAXLEN = 64) [ SqlColumnNumber = 5, SqlComputeCode = { set {*}= $EXTRACT({LabName},0,3)_" "_{LabID}}, SqlComputed ];