Is this course are you talking about?


I don't have any programming tool installed on my machine and not much experience with coding... I am business analyst who has been given the file to extract the data and put it into the sql server so that people can understand the data easily..


sorry dear... I can't understand.

could you please point me to the steps require to put data in columns..

see below test HL7 message:-

PID|||0123994567^^^^^NH||TEST^PINK^""^^""||12345678|M|||QUEEN STREET^BLK FLAT1 KIRTI ST^ENGLAND^^A110BP^^P|||||2|||||||||||||""|N
PD1|||^12345/1^12345/1|1234567/123456^A BLUE^PURPLE

like after PID 01234567 show go as ID and test go as forename, pink go as surname..


thanks for replying... sorry I am not familiar with cache much... sorry If I misunderstood are you saying that HL7  message file is in the form of sql table which means that each column data in HL7 message file is in the separate column in sql table?

If my understanding is wrong then is there any HL7 Schema definition file same what we have when we render the data from XML files.?

Please help