I think the "FOR SOME %ELEMENT" will do just fine when querying the table based on elements of the list (and therefore using the indices).

The fact that we can display the values in distinct lines is already great.

Thank you for help

Thank you for your answer Julius Kavay.

I'm using your solution.
But unfortunately, I'm facing another problem. The indexes are not working.

Index numDossiersMERIdx On numDossiersMER(ELEMENTS);

Index numDossiersMERKeyOn numDossiersMER(KEYS);

I added both lines to my class, but it's not used by IS.
How can I put an index on numDossiersMER elements and use it ?

Thank you

Actually, I tried that.

But since, the two packages have the same name. Once I map namespace A to namespace B, I can't access the package in namespace B