Hi Eduard,

     yes, because the user that can see the page, has been validated previously.

But the access to bi server must have login, we can't set the authentication access as "unauthenticated"


José Manuel Lira

Hi Evgeny,

"If you want embedded DSW iframe to use same   other login/password as to another application on the same web page where the user already logged in, it's the matter of how to transfer the access to an embedded iframe."

Our application calls the dashboard who belongs to BI Server, that server manage it's own users.

so we try something like this into the iframe (like the code created by the share option):


hi Evgeny,

   i tried to share a widget. i copied the given code, and i pasted at the url (with username and password included) to test. But the login page shows and required those values. Any idea of what could be wrong?


José Manuel Lira

Thanks for  your help Evgeny, now works right!!


    i have some troubles to set up DSW with IIS, do you have some guide? everything works right with port 57772 (apache private server), but i need use port 80 (IIS live server)

thanks in advance.


Hello Joan-marie,

    i'm working over windows10, my atelier version is 1.3.117 with eclipse photon 4.8.0

and i'm get the error when i try to update to the new version of atelier