Where can I find the Config.Database class?

Config.DatabasesConfig.Database class


tmpFile = ##class(%FileCharacterStream).%New()
myf = tmpFile.Filename = ##class(%File).TempFilename("txt")
open myf:("NW") USE myf ZWRITE ^||fruit
tLine = ""
while ('tmpFile.AtEnd) {
set tLine = tLine_tmpFile.ReadLine()
w tLine

Have you try the following:

Index fcIDX1 On (Invoice(ELEMENTS), Invoice(KEYS)) [ Type = index ];

Index fcIDX2 On Invoice(KEYS) [ Type = index ];

Property Invoice As list Of %String(SQLTABLENAME = "INVOICETABLE", STORAGEDEFAULT = "array") [ SqlFieldName = INVOICE ];

Took the easy way out by reading the source file and write it out to the destination file

Other than the obvious syntax error

like '%[^a-zA-Z0-9 !”%#$&”()*+,-./:\;<=>?@]%'

,the query fails to return anything at all (Special character or no special characters).

First, I have to use the ODBC Data Source Administrator to add and configure a System DSN for my namespace. Then I added the newly created DSN name to the SQL inbound adapter setting.

Yes, I've been using the AVG function. Any solution will do. Any sample code out there? Thanks

That's great, but unfortunately, we've not upgraded to the latest and greatest. We're still using the 2015 release.