Thank you, I will have a look at that and also, I'm replicating my setup on a redhat gitlab-runner. I'll update this post if I find my way out of this on Windows. I also noticed that the "ENVIRONMENT" variables were not passed appropriately in a way that csession understands. The $system.Util.GetEnviron("CI_PROJECT_DIR") and $system.Util.GetEnviron("CI_COMMIT_SHA") calls both returns an empty string. 

Perhaps the <NOTOPEN> is related to the way the stdout is read in windows. 

Hi Eduard,

I had a look at your continuous delivery articles and found them awesome! I tried to set up a similar environment but I'm struggling with a detail... Hope you'll be able to help me out.

I currently have a working gitlab-runner installed on my Windows Laptop with a working Ensemble 2018.1.1 with the isc.gitlab package you provided.

C:\Users\gena6950>csession ENS2K18 -U ENSCHSPROD1 "##class(isc.git.GitLab).test()"

Directory: C:\Gitlab-Runner\builds\ijGUv41q\0\ciussse-drit-srd\ensemble-continuous-integration-tests\Src\ENSCHS1\Tests\Unit\


Use the following URL to view the result:$NAMESPACE=ENSCHSPROD1

I had to manually "alter" the .yml file because of a new bug with parenthesis in the gitlab-runner shell commands (see Relevant parts of this file are there (the file itself is larger but I think it's irrelevant). I put a "Echo" there to see how the command was received by the runner.

  - load
  - test
  - package

  LOAD_DIFF_CMD: "##class(isc.git.GitLab).loadDiff()"
  TEST_CMD: "##class(isc.git.GitLab).test()"
  PACKAGE_CMD: "##class(isc.git.GitLab).package()"

.script_test: &script_test
  stage: test
  - echo csession ENS2K18 -U ENSCHSPROD1 "%TEST_CMD%"
  - csession ENS2K18 -U ENSCHSPROD1 "%TEST_CMD%"
      - tests.html

And this is the output seen by the gitlab output : 

Running with gitlab-runner 11.7.0 (8bb608ff)
  on Laptop ACGendron ijGUv41q
Using Shell executor...
Running on CH05CHUSHDP1609...
Fetching changes...
Removing tests.html
HEAD is now at b1ef284 Ajout du fichier de config du pipeline Gitlab
Checking out b1ef284e as master...
Skipping Git submodules setup
$ echo csession ENS2K18 -U ENSCHSPROD1 "%TEST_CMD%"
csession ENS2K18 -U ENSCHSPROD1 "##class(isc.git.GitLab).test()"
$ csession ENS2K18 -U ENSCHSPROD1 "%TEST_CMD%"
<NOTOPEN>>ERROR: Job failed: exit status 1

I'm pretty sure it must be a small thing but I can't put my finger on it!

Hope you'll be able to help!

Kind regards