If this change is to be made in a multitude of classes, I advise writing a computer program that will perform this task.
But is it necessary to do it?

I see 'Multi-Line Options'.
What can we specify ? I guess it's related to CR and/or LF. Try it with the different options.

Strange, the %IO class belongs to our production/development namespace.

We use 'Cache for Windows 2018.1.4'.

  • The idea being that we would than implement an OnDelete that would remove the file when the HL7 message is purged.

When and how will the HL7 message be purged ? Shell batch ?


I will use :

&SQL(SELECT Category INTO :itemCat FROM Ens_Config.Item WHERE Name=:%Ensemble("ConfigName"))

The class can be ' citadelle.labo.bs.FileXmlTransLaboIn ' in COS.

In case of a problem, an email is sent to the IT cell and currently, the category is a parameter of the connector.

Sample code (in French) :

SET msg.Body = msg.Body_"<br/><u>Infos pour le service EAI</u> :<br/>Le connecteur de 'Service' en charge de cette tâche est répertorié dans la catégorie '"_.."Catégorie"_"'.<br/>"

SET msg.Body = msg.Body_"Il se dénomme '"_..%ClassName()_"' et le package/classe : '"_$CLASSNAME()_"'.<br/><br/>"

I want to stop using this parameter.

Currently I can find out with this SQL query :

Select Category
From Ens_Config.Item
Where ClassName Like 'citadelle.labo.bs.FileXmlTransLaboIn%'

I would like to do this using the existing classes of 'Ens' or 'EnsLib'.