I didn't think to OS permissions. But our users are only Caché users, so I don't think that OS permissions are difference.

I know, 2012 is quite old version. We're planning to upgrade. wink

Thank you your answers!


"If the chosen user is disabled, the task is suspended until the user is enabled and the task is resumed manually. This does not apply to built-in System tasks, which run even when the chosen user is disabled."

This sentence is absent in my Cache version's documentation (Caché 2012.2). Thank you!

I made a user with privilage %DB_DATABASE and %Operate for running a task. But it fails (<INVALID OREF>zRunTask+46^%SYS.TaskSuper.1). If I run the task as my user profile (%All), it succeed.  I add %All privilage to target user, but the task fails too. What privilege is missing?