How do you count "Count"?
Why is "Northwest" 1 instead of 2 for 2021?

For now so:

select v.Branchnvl(sum(%FOREACH(v.Branch)),0) "Count" from 
  select 'Northwest' Branch,$listbuild('Northern','Western'Branches union
  select 'Oriental',$listbuild('Eastern'union
  select 'Southern',$listbuild('Southern')
  ) v
left join
  (select replace(%exact(Branch),' branch',''Branch,count(%FOREACH(Branch)) from yourtable where year("Date")=2021 group by Branchm
on m.Branch %inlist v.Branches
group by v.Branch

Can you provide a small sample table with the data and the result you want to get?

You are implicitly using %Library.SqlQuery:Func() method, in which, as @Robert Cemper rightly pointed out, $get() is used.

You can do it differently:

Query GetInfo(pObject AS Kurro.MyClassAs %SQLQuery(CONTAINID 1ROWSPEC "IdList:%String,IdProcess:%String,Duration:%String") [ SqlProc ]
    SELECT IdListIdProcessDuration
    FROM Kurro.MyClass
    WHERE KeyProcess :pObject.KeyProcess
    AND CodeSpecialist :pObject.CodeSpecialist
    AND CodeProvider :pObject.CodeProvider
    AND CodeCenter :pObject.CodeCenter
    AND "Date" :pObject.Date

set obj=##class(Kurro.MyClass).%New()
set obj.KeyProcess="1033004-1#"
set obj.CodeSpecialist "surgery"
set obj.CodeProvider "PR002"
set obj.CodeCenter "CENTER-01"
set obj.Date $ZDATETIME($ZDATETIMEH("2021-04-30 15:45:00",3,1),3,1)

set st=##class(%SQL.Statement).%New()
set sc=st.%PrepareClassQuery("Kurro.MyClass","GetInfo")
  if $$$ISERR(sc{write "%PrepareClassQuery failed:" do $System.Status.DisplayError(scquit}
set result=st.%Execute(obj)
do result.%Display()

I don't quite understand what you want to get.

If in the forehead, then so:

 From (Select valueId Union Select Union Select Union Select Union Select 5) v
     left Join otherTable m
        on v.valueId

But you can achieve the same thing more easily through IN or %INLIST.

You can easily do this by replacing two values in the registry.
Just checked on Caché & IRIS: SMP and Terminal (##class(%SYS.System).GetInstanceName()) displays the new instance name.
Upgrade/Deinstall work fine too.

If desired, you can also replace the service names (private Apache, etc.).

You don't need to grant rights to the users whose properties you want to get.

Access rights (resource %DB_CACHESYS:R) you need to give the user from which your GetUserInfo method will run.

There's clearly something wrong with the settings here.
What web server do you use, did you configure something in the CSP Gateway?
Is the error reproduced when accessing (edit&compile) pages from USER/SAMPLES (of course, if you have them installed)?

If you use Studio to edit/compile *.csp files, check the following parameters:

  • Enable service status check (Recommended) (yes)
  • Studio is active application (2–60 sec) (5)
  • Studio is background application (30–600 sec) (60)
  • Automatically reload document when it is modified on the server and it has not been edited in Studio (yes)

And also see Caché Launcher (Cube) settings : Web Server IP Address / CSP Server Instance

I tried to simply edit the file in Studio (csp/samples/redirect.csp) and with an external editor FAR Manager ([CACHEROOT]\CSP\samples\redirect.csp)
For simplicity, I changed the comment in the header. I tested everything both locally and remotely.

So, I change it in Studio - the changes are immediately visible in FAR, I change it in FAR - the changes are immediately visible in Studio.
Or in another way: I change it locally - the changes are immediately visible on the remote machine, I change it on the remote machine - the changes are immediately visible locally.

In other words, there is no and cannot be any desynchronization, since the work is always done with the same file on the server, see Saving a CSP File.