Hi Peter,

Did you finally solve it? It's happening to me as well...

I agree all other processes time are included. But how you decide the [16] value?

Anyway, analytics is showing now 500 so I'd like to know how the calculations are done. I guess it's best if I go with WRC.

Pool size is 5 :-)

I've been looking for an example of one item that take a little long, as most of them are completed in less than 0.3 seconds. This is a full trace:

I can see the component that takes long, but not as much as the average shown at the analytics :)


I've seen weird numbers that make no sense. For example, for last hour three components have high values:

That's why I'd like to know how is it calculated :)

Finally we identified a couple of bottlenecks using MONLBL utility... none of them was the message enqueueing. So, we redid the production and now is feeing more messages to the queue.

Thank you all for your help :-)

I'm using a process that is reading from a global using $order, it's not called by anything external. When removing the call to the BusinessProcess it makes a lot of operations, but when it comes to enqueueing the call it takes several milliseconds. Actually, if I clone the BS and run them at the same time writing to the same queue (even if the queue is Ens.Actor) , I reach the same number of messages than doing it single.

I mean, even working in parallel I cannot increase the number of messages put in the queue. I'm not able to write more than 60-70 per second.

The adapter is Ens.InboundAdapter, but really not using it.


Yes, that solution is good. But we need to stop the production to be able to copy the files, and we don't want to to that. We need a way to transfer the data to IRIS without stopping current Ensemble production.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for your help, I've been able to compile the class and start the production.

We are using it in a legacy class meant help with the JSON. Anyway, it's working now :-)

I just installed 1.3 and it still not there :O And Intersystems announced they won't be any enhancements from now on.

So I guess this is all we'll get.