Thanks Nicole!!! I am kind of new to Inter System sand Atelier so i am also looking for the naming conventions for those packages and classes. Say if i have REST services then should i put them it it's own packages, Request and Response messages, Business service, process and operation etc. This will help me to follow some standards!!!

Sorry for the late reply but i am not sure if i have Glassfish installed and how do i update glassfish

That value is coming as 1, so we do have an object but if i store that as it is in the string property then i just get the reference (not the object) and if i try to convert that to ToJSON and store then i get the error, not sure if i am missing something

I tried that exact same way but i am now getting a different error,

"error":"ERROR #5002: Cache error: <INVALID OREF

I have tried to set the above but getting the below error,

""error":"ERROR #5802: Datatype validation failed on property"

This is what i have tried ,

Set classObj.Test = DynamicObject.%ToJSON()

Thanks Robert for your reply. I tried that as a %String but when i try to retrieve the value in business process i get an error.

I have a persistent class with a string property and i set that value as the dynamic object. Now that persistent class is my request to the business process. Here is my property

Property Test %String;

Set classObj.Test = DynamicObject (I have created this from my JSON request - I can't define the dynamic object since it can have any different values and i get these dynamic values in my business process based on some logic, basically i dont have a defined set of properties for my dynamic object so i just have to pass that to my business process)

Now if i try this,

w request.Test.%Get("XYZ") (i know that XYX exists in my dynamic object)

i get an error "ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <INVALID OREF>zS1+2^" ...

But if i try to write the trace like request.Test then i get a result as dynamic object.. so the dynamic object seems to be there but i am not able to retrieve the value for some reason.