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I'm looking for the best strategy for extracting data from a Cache table that houses 86 Million lines of data and around 190 columns. I'm currently using DBeaver and the Invoice Service dates go back to 1996. Optimistically I'm looking to pull to a pipe delimited flat file, but even a year's worth of data takes many hours to get query results.

Any suggestions for the best practice/strategy?




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Jude Mukkadayil · Oct 29, 2020
Editor for Cache Database



         Can anyone please recommend an editor for cache database. I am looking for free version.

I am using winsql free version but data is missing while extracting or copying data from winsql.




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Hi All,

Can you please guide me on how to restore the .cbk file from the 2015 Cache version into the 2017 version or any other versions of Cache or IRIS software? I have a new instance on my server. It's an entirely new server. I have a .cbk backup file.  I want to restore the backup file into a new namespace which one I will create on my new server.  When I am trying on ^DBREST utility, I am getting "This is not a Cache Backup File" this error. 

Please advise on this. It's a bit urgent.


Arun Kumar. 

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