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    $ZUTIL(69,10)- Sets system behavior when journal is full. Calls: $ZU(69,10,n)- set journaling behavior $ZU(69,10)- get journaling behavior Parameters: n- The boolean value that specifies which system behavior applies when a journal is full. Values: 0 = ...

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  • Question: What do these $ZU values control?

    InterSystems IRIS Language English In our Iris Messages.log file, we have this line: CTALERT: ZU Changes: $ZU(69,10) has changed; $ZU(69,68) has changed; $ZU(69,70) has changed   I'd like to understand what changed.   Thank you, Paul InterSystems ...

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    Yes - absolutely!  But you should discuss with InterSystems to work through the details.  But many customers have migrated from DSM to modern versions of the InterSystems stack.

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    Just wondering if anyone has put together similar examples for Azure -- preferably for uploading Azure Blobs.

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    Using the Installer Wizard to create a foundation production and namespace provides you with a base production with all the mappings needed for a healthcare interoperability production. It saves you the time and effort of creating your own...

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    Thanks a lot; I'll look into this.

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    Is it possible to migrate from DSM-MUMPS?

    Comment to the post "DSM- MUMPS database Migrate into IRIS" by PANDIYAN NAGARAJ, 4 days ago

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    Hello Pandian, This should be a larger discussion with your InterSystems sales rep. I would highly recommend reaching out to them. ...

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  • Question: DSM- MUMPS database Migrate into IRIS

    InterSystems IRIS Language English Hi, We have DSM-Mumps Database,Now We are planning to migrate DSM-MUMPS Database migrate into IRIS please let me know anyone How to migrate DSM-MUMPS Database migrate into IRIS? InterSystems IRIS ...

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  • Article: Tool for creating odt and docx documents from templates

    Caché Language English Hello everyone, I want to introduce you my project. There was a common task in my work to create documents, in which I need insert some information about person: full name, birth date, address and etc. I wrote the application to do ...

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