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    I'm finding that Atelier often maxes out CPU and become unresponsive whilst performing the background "Updating server container" operation.

    In the end, I have to kill of the eclipse process in task manager.

    Is this a known...

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    Post by Andrew Kestle 4 days ago

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    See: %SYS.LockQuery %SYS.ProcessQuery:VariableByPid()/VariableByJobNumber() %SYSTEM.Memory:VariableStats() PS: $SYSTEM.Util.CleanDeadJobs(). ...

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    Post by Joe Carroll 4 days ago

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    I'm not that familiar with adapters, but the documentation suggests that you need to use the SkipBodyAttrs property to send a header like Content-Type. Also, I think you need to decide whether you're sending form data or a body. When tFormVar is ...

    Answer to the post "REST API Post Header and Body" by Jon Willeke, 5 days ago

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    REST API, REST Services, Ensemble Hi I'm trying to send a request to a REST API Service. I'm using this code (Adapter is  "EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdapter") Method  Put(pRequest  As  SIGE.Grupo.BO.Operation.putRequest, Output  pResponse  ...

    Post by Sergio Vidal 5 days ago

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    Caché Hi Community, I have a need to access the Lock Table to find the Process ID of the process that has a particular global node Locked. The process holding the lock could be on any one of four application servers. Having identified the Process ID, I ...

    Post by Adrian Bourner 5 days ago

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    Try using single quotes in your SQL query and also defining your column name:  Query Q1(formal as %String) As %SQLQuery [Final] {    SELECT patientnumber, ID,      CASE     WHEN ID = 50 THEN 'The is 50'     WHEN ID = 30 THEN 'This is 30& ...

    Answer to the post "HOW TO USE CONDITIONAL LOGIC IN SQL" by Christopher Eslinger, 5 days ago

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    Maybe this is not the best answer, but there are detailed explanation with examples of conditional sql here: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/sql-conditional-expressions/ 


    Comment to the post "HOW TO USE CONDITIONAL LOGIC IN SQL" by Alex Kogan, 5 days ago