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    Hello Eduard, For debug purpose , you can try this: Set obj = {Your test.ABC instance} Set res = ##class(%Studio.General).DumpObjectFunc(obj) While res.%Next() {Write!,"Property: ",res.%Get("Name"),!," Value: ",res.%Get(" ...

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    This has not been implemented Atelier. It is on the roadmap for the dev team. Since active Atelier development is on hold there is no timeline for implementation of this feature.

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    Vitaliy, This is great !

    The code works fine now. Appreciate your help and time.

    I have to put some filters on the columns now, which i think i have to use the QueryInfo Object.

    Thank you !


    Jimmy Christian...

    Comment to the post "Zen Page Table From another namespace" by Jimmy Christian, 7 days ago

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    Object Data Model, ObjectScript, Caché Language English I have a class defined like this: Class test.ABC Extends %RegisteredObject {Property myProp As %Binary [Internal, Private];} Is there a way to get a value of myProp from outside of the object? I can& ...

    Post by Eduard Lebedyuk 4 days ago

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    Do you want to auth using Bearer aginst external REST API?

    If so, you don't need web app config, just the code by @Pravin...

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    Great article!

    Can you enable HTTP Bearer token authentication on Web Applications via the System Management Portal?

    All I see under 'Allowed Authentication Methods' are options for:

    • Unauthenticated
    • Password 
    • ...

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    when you generate Classes from XSD you require a reference. That' s where xsd is stored.  It may make sense to ich copy it first to your default repository and generate your classes after. ...

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    Try this:

    XData Contents [ XMLNamespace "http://www.intersystems....

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    Ensemble, HealthShare Language English Hi everybody, after importing an XML schema from xsd into Ensemble I´d like to add it to my Studio-Project but can´t find the imported schema in the namespace view. For example when working with custom hl7 schema, I ...

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    Hello Vitaliy,

    Thank you for your time. This works good. Issue is that i only see the first page of the results.

    Even after adding the tableNavigatorBar, it still shows only one page  and not all the results. I have more than 30,000...

    Comment to the post "Zen Page Table From another namespace" by Jimmy Christian, 7 days ago