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  • Question: Upload File in server

    Caché, Caché Objects, JSON, HTML Hello Is there anyone who can convert this code From PHP TO CACHE in File (.mac)? this is my function is empty:/  thank you all <?php $output_dir = "uploads/"; if(isset($_FILES["myfile"])) {    $ret ...

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    Sorry Dmitry, but I never used Atelier before, and I'm starting to work with Intersystems technologies. Can you explain how can I do that?

    Because I  used the option COS:Export Sources, in Command Palette of VS Code but nothing changes....

    Comment to the post "Anyone using Visual Studio Code?" by Felipe Araújo, 3 March 2016

  • Announcement: New Video: Continuous Delivery with Containers

    Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Cloud, DevOps, Global Summit 2018, Video Hi Community! Please welcome a new video on  Developer Community YouTube Channel: Continuous Delivery with Containers   This video demonstrates the “Build” phase of a ...

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    To edit code, you should have it locally like in Atelier. This mode just server view, you can see a code, but not edit. You can export all code as files, from a server by command `Export sources`. After that by editing this code, it will be saved...

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    Hi Evgeny,

    thank you very mutch for your response.  But I still not being able to edit my files. As you can see below, I'm connected to my namespace, but when I try to edit my file, a pop-up message appears telling that I cannot edit.


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    I heared that Atelier is not going to evolve as it happens with Studio. Just fixes and perhaps small enhancements. Also there were some comments on DC saying that some months ago. Is it not true? Which is the releases' schedule?

    Comment to the post "Atelier - Custom Code Formatter" by Sergio Martinez, 11 October 2018

  • Question: Composite Primary key in Parent Child relationship table.

    Caché Hi. I have the following tables User.Order [Parent][Primary Key: Year, Month, OrderNo]  > User.OrderDetails [Child] [Primary Key: {%%PARENT}("ITM")(Running Number)]  > User.OrderDetails2[Child] [Primary Key: {%%PARENT}("ITM2 ...

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    1)  YES, you can!  And it will not affect stability and usability. Though understanding COS is definitely an advantage in understanding what is going on. Similar to all other DBs: Understanding concepts and internals is always a benefit. Other DBs are ...

    Answer to the post "ObjectScript, IRIS, CACHE, upgrading and Java, Python, C++ whatever" by Robert Cemper, 2 days ago

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    It is possible to develop and never use ObjectScript, but you will be limited with used language and will not most of the breakthrough features we have in Caché/IRIS. Likely with IRIS you have more capabilities, and even almost as in ObjectScript. Yes, ...

    Answer to the post "ObjectScript, IRIS, CACHE, upgrading and Java, Python, C++ whatever" by Dmitry Maslennikov, 2 days ago

  • Question: ObjectScript, IRIS, CACHE, upgrading and Java, Python, C++ whatever

    Admin, Beginner, Caché, Caché Objects, Data Model, Object Data Model, Databases, Development Environment, Business Operation, Java, InterSystems IRIS, Languages, ObjectScript, Stored Procedures, System Administration, Monitoring Hi Totally new to IRIS and ...

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