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  • Question: Best way to programatically call a Business Process from Code

    Continuous Integration, Caché, Ensemble Language English HI   We can easily do a <call> from graphic BPL's   I was wondering what is the best way we can call another Business Process or Operation via code. Thanks in advance   Caché Ensemble ...

    Post by Neerav Adam Verma 3 days ago

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    Hi Artem!

    Very cool!

    I've just tested it on docker (build a repo, see the...

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    There is no general answer if it is possible : it depends on the application : I have done conversions in a few  hours, but had also conversions that took a lot longer or were impossible without heavy rewrite of code.

    Depends on :


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    Thank you so much. I solved the problem.

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    Do you use an alternative or framework built around this native Unit Testing tool? Not really. What is your experience with %UnitTest if you use it? Except lack of test parallelization it's actually quite good. Also would be great to be able to skip ...

    Answer to the post "Common Testing Frameworks." by Eduard Lebedyuk, 3 days ago

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    I think it is a "Best practice", but the information is scattered throughout the conversation.

    Why not create a last comment with a brief of the conversation, with pros and cons?

    It could be more clear.


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    Me refiero a Ensemble 2017.2. Es una versión que no va en Docker como IRIS, y preguntaba que si se sacará también algún parche para que sea compatible con esta versión de Mac. En caso contrario se tendrá que trabajar bajo máquina virtual

    Comment to the post "Aviso: Los productos de InterSystems y Apple macOS 10.15 (Catalina)" by Francisco López, 4 days ago

  • Question: Common Testing Frameworks.

    Testing, Caché, Ensemble, InterSystems IRIS Language English Hi, I'm after feedback and comments on the sort of tools and approaches the wider InterSystems community uses for QA Testing applications written in Cache/Ensemble or IRIS.   I am aware of ...

    Post by Stephen Pisani 4 days ago

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    Disclaimer: I know more about what John is doing than is covered in the post. It looks like, for the prebuilt themes, Angular Material itself uses Bazel (see introduction at  https://angular.io/guide/bazel). The relevant bits are here: https://github.com ...

    Answer to the post "Pack then import CSS from a local library (Angular)" by Timothy Leavitt, 4 days ago