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    It's serving static files. I like that it's easy to manipulate how the server sends CSP, such as manipulating custom headers or session information right out the gate. But I also have a lot of non-csp resources that are served that I'd like to...

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    Hi David,

    It's a little unclear if you are trying to conditionally serve static files, conditionally generate static files or something else. Do you have a more specific use case to help answer the question?

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  • Question: Non CSP Files

    CSP, HTML, Web Development, Caché Language English CSP pages extend %CSP.Page. What about html/css/js/etc that are hosted on the same web application? Is there any way to override how they're processed like with how you can override a CSP page and ...

    Post by David Crawford 1 days ago

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    Interesting, thank you!

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    @Benjamin Spead,...

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    Post by Evgeny Shvarov 1 days ago

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    Hi Drew,

    Welcome to the club! smiley

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