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    I am using EnsLib.REST.GenericOperation in order to create a JSON call and send a file located on my server.  I am not using a Business Operation; just sending the file direct from the Business Service.

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    Don't even try to write code like this Q N R,Q,C,D,E,W,B,G,H,S,T,U,V,F,L,P,N,J,A S N=$G(N),Q='N,F=Q+Q,P=F+F,W=$L($T(Q))  S W=$E(W,Q),S='N_+N,W=W-F*S,L=$G(L),R=$C(Q_F_P),R(F)=$C(F+Q_F),R(P)=$C(W-F) W #  S T=$E($T(Q+F),F,W\S)_$C(W+S+F) X T S ...

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    What type of object is your business process sending to your business operation? EnsLib.HTTP.GenericOperation expects to receive a message of type EnsLib.HTTP.GenericMessage.     ...

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    Beginner, Code snippet, Other Language English Hello Everyone, I'm want to know, what is more common for your company to use, the abbreviation syntax or the complety name of commands, and why? Ex.  S VAR=10 / D FUNC^ROUTINE F 1:1:1000 Set VAR=10 / Do ...

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  • Question: How to send a file via JSON

    JSON, REST API, Ensemble Language English I have a text file that I pick up in a Business Service and need to send it to our vendor via JSON.  I assumed (probably wrongly) that I could just create a RESTful Business Operation, plug in the server IP and ...

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    Thanks @Kurt Dawn 

    I also contacted WRC and they were very helpful. 

    To summarise; 

    • The '...

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    API, REST API, SOAP, InterSystems IRIS Language English InterSystems API Management (IAM)- a new feature of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, enables you to monitor, control and govern traffic to and from web-based APIs within your IT infrastructure. ...

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    Thanks Anton. Maybe I didn't dig deep enough in that github link but it looks like that is for AWS, not Azure?

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    Neerav, I'll just note that if you use Jenna's suggestion your code doesn't need to be a part of a business service -- it can be any normal ObjectScript code and can be called from anywhere (CSP, scheduled task, etc.). And your code can make as...

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    Hi Steve, We (Application Services- internal applications @ InterSystems) use %UnitTest with some extensions. We have a base Unit Test case that has a "run this test" helper method (among other things), a wrapper around %UnitTest.Manager that ...

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