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    By  XML bit I understand you have some myfile=" <mynode>anytext</mynode>" or similar in hands so this should cover your needs: USER>set sc=##class(%XML.TextReader).ParseString(myfile,.reader) USER>zwrite @reader.GlobalName ^| ...

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    Some general advice: Root directory should be a configurable setting, Before changing config, call NormalizeDirectory method of %File class Check that directory exists and you can write to it If it's Ensemble check that Ensemble can write to that ...

    Answer to the post "Windows File Path vs Linux File Path or / to C:\ " by Eduard Lebedyuk, 1 days ago

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    This seems to work for me: set x = "%sqlcq.something.value.foo" write x?1"%sqlcq".E That said, I assume you're iterating over some list of classes. If so, it may be better to add this or equivalent condition to the builder of the ...

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  • Question: %String to XML

    ObjectScript, XML, Caché Hi I've got a string variable which I need to convert into a XML one. My main goal here is to use the XML bit I've extracted from a HTML file in a message I need to pass over to an operation. I'm doing the following ...

    Post by Joao Palma 1 days ago

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    I find it simpler to use $Extract,
    e.g. $E(x,1,7)="%sqlcq."

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    @Anastasia Dyubaylo why are you editing all my questions

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    I just found the $MATCH method which works. 

    if $MATCH(p, "^%sqlcq.*"){
                        write "Skipping "_p,!

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  • Question: Windows File Path vs Linux File Path or / to C:\

    Microsoft Windows Server, SUSE Linux, Caché I am currently working with someone who is in the process of moving an application written in Cache Object Script over to a Windows server. It was previously running on a Linux server so all of the paths are ...

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  • Question: Pattern Matching with special characters

    Coding Guidelines, ObjectScript, Caché I am new to Intersystems Cache, so please bear with me. We are using HealthShare 2013.1.  I have a routine to compare databases from separate instances where I want to ignore values that begin with %sqlcq. I thought ...

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    Hi Julian,

    I appreciate the response. We do indeed use transforms/subtransforms exactly for this purpose (and it occurs quite often) - but we have a system which requires no changes to the HL7 except for the date formats.  It occurred to me...

    Comment to the post "How to check/amend date format (all outbound fields) to an Operation?" by Andrew Kestle, 4 days ago