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    Every instance has it's own apache installed. And unless you have manually forced it to not start, you will have it running. The default port for it is 57772.

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  • Question: Use of standard OPC UA (Open Platforms Communications Unified Architecture) in industry and IoT

    API, InterSystems IRIS I would like to know any experience working with OPC UA standard in industry sector or IoT. Currently there is no adaptor implemented in IS IRIS for it but it seems to be pushed as the main standard in industry. Did anyone had to ...

    Post by Jose-Tomas Salvador 22 hours 30 min ago

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    The pictures do not load.

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    HI Stephen

    I beileve https://community.intersystems.com/post/rest-how-pass-query-parameters#a... has an example of this


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    HI Denny Trakcare publishes it's CSPs as Deployed, so a standard install will not contain a user friendly way to view them HTH Chris ...

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    I wrote this tutorial some time ago  https://community.intersystems.com/post/lets-write-angular-1x-app-cach%C... It covers making an AngularJS front end with a basic Cache REST backend ...

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    The online documentation is here: https://docs.intersystems.com/latest/csp/docbook/DocBook.UI.Page.cls?KEY=GREST There is some training in the InterSystems Learning portal (you'll need to enrol/login): https://learning.intersystems.com/course/view ...

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  • Announcement: CacheBlocksExplorer now available in Docker

    Admin, Containerization, Docker, Databases I have already mentioned my project CacheBlocksExplorer recently in two articles Internal Structure of Caché Database Blocks, Part 2 Internal Structure of Caché Database Blocks, Part 3 Now I would like to inform ...

    Post by Dmitry Maslennikov 23 hours 40 min ago

  • Question: How to create a restful api in Intersystems cache with %CSP.REST

    Caché Objects Hello Guys, Can you please guide me to create a RESTful API service in our cache (using intersystems cache kit) with CSP (Cache Server Pages) object script. Class REST.NativeDIspatcher Extends %CSP.REST {XData UrlMap [XMLNamespace = " ...

    Post by Chandra Bandi 23 hours 47 min ago

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    Thank you, Ben.

    It's great to have this vision of future performance. This makes the testing even more worth the effort.
    The move to IRIS requires more work than an average upgrade. So the vision to take  a faster "train"
    is a...

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