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    That's correct Robert. Althougth, I always get the following error for the parse

    comment or processing instruction expected while processing Anonymous Stream at line 1 offset 

    Comment to the post "%String to XML" by Joao Palma, 1 days ago

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    Post by Michael Lundberg 10 hours 31 min ago

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    Try: CHCP 65001 in the beginning  of your script. Also you need to check that your console font has required symbols. ...

    Answer to the post "Charset or encoding to access Caché terminal through Powershell" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 10 hours 50 min ago

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    %Net.HttpRequest   tells you all you need to know ...

    Answer to the post "How to call HTTP service in a routine" by Robert Cemper, 11 hours 27 min ago

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    Post by JFBom Lin 12 hours 19 min ago

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    Post by Jose-Tomas Salvador 21 hours 19 min ago

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    Post by Eduard Lebedyuk 22 hours 26 min ago

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    I understand, however I didn't write any of this code. The hard coded values were accumulated over several years.

    Comment to the post "Windows File Path vs Linux File Path or / to C:\ " by Christopher Schaefer, 1 days ago

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    Would process user not cut it?

    You can later convert it into app user if you have 1:1 matching.

    It would work faster than getting local variables.

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    Do you want to convert XML into Cahce object?  If so, check this docs on how to project XML into objects. Do you want to get some value(s) from the XML? If so, check XPATH docs. Do you want to convert XML into another XML? If so, check XSLT docs. If you ...

    Answer to the post "%String to XML" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 1 days ago