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    I looked up JOBEXAM. That might display what I need but, I need to be able to capture the result into a file and email that file every 15 minutes. So  if I use the program that I have or JOBEXAM, I still need a way to get the results...

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    Admin, Globals, System Administration, Caché Language English Hi all, I have a question about the Private Global Blocks when viewing a process's details.  This number is growing while my process runs- is this due to variables, process-private-globals ...

    Post by Laura Cavanaugh 6 hours 1 min ago

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    Yes, I think so.

    I opened the file (file-name)  then I did USE file-name.

    It displayed to the terminal and created an empty file.


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    Is this something that just can't be done in mumps/cache?


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    Comment to the post "ObjectScript Class Explorer — Exploring ObjectScript Classes in the UML Notation" by DC Administration, 1 April 2016

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    Thank you Eduard.

    Comment to the post "Iterate over dynamic object" by Vladimir Iliychev, 28 January 2019

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    Another concern is if your current (Cache/Ensemble) is using external calls using COM objects (proxy classes to external DLLs).

    It looks like that on IRIS this functionality was totally removed:
    - The "activate wizard" in Studio no...

    Comment to the post "InterSystems IRIS Adoption - Invitation" by Yaron Munz, 28 June 2019

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    Check this post to see how you can access all levels of dynamic object.

    Comment to the post "Http Response Parsing JSON string or stream" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 3 days ago