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  • Article: Búsqueda de documentación en InterSystems utilizando las tecnologías iKnow y iFind

    Tools, iFind, Mapping, iKnow Language Spanish El DBMS de InterSystems incorpora una tecnología para trabajar con datos no estructurados (iKnow) y una tecnología de búsqueda de textos completos (iFind). Decidimos profundizar en ambas y hacer algo útil. ...

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  • Announcement: New Videos! High Speed, Multi-Model Capabilities of InterSystems IRIS™

    InterSystems IRIS, Online Learning Language English The Learning Services Online Learning team has posted new videos to help you learn the benefits of InterSystems IRIS. Take a peek to see what you stand to gain from making the switch to InterSystems IRIS ...

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    Hello Magnus, I recommend  that you use a SQL CALL instead of IRIS Native for.Net. The following CALL query should work: CALL SYS.Mirror_MemberStatusList('NAMEOFTHEMIRROR') and this is no different than using a stored procedure (because ...

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    From a custom ObjectScript Business Process, you would use...

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    Definately would always recommend full commands.   I remember the day when we had to write code this way however it isn't the case anymore.

    That said, it's good to be able to read code like this because it still exists out there.

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    Thanks, I will try that out.

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    Haven't tried this directly yet so this is more of a suggestion for discussion - subclass EnsLib.File.InboundAdapter and override ...

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    This is referring to mapping between SDA and Health Insight cubes.

    Please PM me so we can discuss your need further.   I am one of the Sales Engineers working with the VA.

    Comment to the post "Is there any documentation of current mapping from FHIR resources to SDA3?" by Jenna Poindexter, 1 February 2019

  • Article: Los Globals son espadas mágicas para administrar datos. Parte 1

    Globals, Node.js, Beginner, Performance, Relational Tables, Caché, InterSystems IRIS Language Spanish Globals, estas espadas mágicas para almacenar datos, han estado con nosotros desde hace tiempo, pero no mucha gente puede utilizarlas de forma eficiente ...

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    Oh no! I did miss it!!!  Sorry John!

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