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  • Question: Unable to connect using InterSystems ODBC in PHP, access denied

    Beginner, Caché I am unable to connect to InterSystems ODBC client. I am seeing the following error: [Cache ODBC][State: S1000][Native Code 417] Access denied. $cnx = new PDO("odbc:Driver={InterSystems ODBC};Server=<IP>;Uid=<id>;Pwd=< ...

    Post by Zaheer Uddin 9 hours 19 min ago

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    Your snip out from the full WSDL uses XML references s0: and s1:

    similar to 

    <definitions xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="...

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    The article Recommendations on installing the InterSystems Caché DBMS for production environment  has some code that does this. My comment   has a class that only deletes old backups as a scheduled task. Kind regards, Stephen Class  App ...

    Answer to the post "Looking for a good routine/class for purging Caché backups" by Stephen De Gabrielle, 17 hours 24 min ago

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    Great article

    I found this too...

    The Caché DBMS comes with several pre-configured backup jobs, but they didn’t always work for me. Every time I needed something particular for a project, it wasn’t there in “out-of-the-box...

    Comment to the post "Recommendations on installing the InterSystems Caché DBMS for production environment" by Stephen De Gabrielle, 23 January 2018

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    Hello Ramya,

    sorry for the confusion.

    The class Config.Configuration is deprecated. so it should'n be used anmore (mentioning it, was my fault, as my samples simply came from our code base, where we still use this interface).


    Comment to the post "How to Create Namespace Programmatically in Terminal" by Stephan Gertsobbe, 4 days ago

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    What kind of "type" do you want to get? The system variable $PRINCIPAL gives you current device. For Terminal: USER>Write $PRINCIPAL |TRM|:|14516 For Telnet: USER>Write $PRINCIPAL |TNT|CZ-LAT5520VAVER.iscinternal.com:52971|21608 ...

    Answer to the post "Terminal Type" by Tomas Vaverka, 18 hours 32 min ago

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    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I generated a new SOAP service with the wizard (Caché Studio, File/New... General/Web Service). The created WSDL of the new Web Service doesn't contain fault tags either. There is no checkbox or...

    Comment to the post "Adding fault to a wsdl" by Dénes Paczolay, 1 days ago

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    There is a problem while running this program by using above line

    Comment to the post "How to Create Namespace Programmatically in Terminal" by ramya sri, 4 days ago

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    Source code of class %Net.Remote.Utility is open, so you can use it to make your "RunCommandViaCPIPE" method and already use it.

    PS: it's just a wrapper around low-level commands, see...

    Comment to the post "Execute Server Commands from Caché / Ensemble / IRIS" by Vitaliy Serdtsev, 8 October 2018