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    Thanks for the post. I am looking forward to 2019.1.

    Regarding the following statement:
    "application>.disp: dispatch class ready to use in the CSP application. It extends %CSP.REST and define the XData UrlMap. This...

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    You cab create a new include file or add the following to one of your existing include files #define true 1 #define false 0 Then in your class, include this include file and use as follows: set varName = $$$true ...

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  • Question: Looking for work

    Caché Hi every body I hope it's the right place & I'm not offending any body. I'm a veteran Mumps/Cache/Ensemble programmer.  I think my only draw back is my age, although my brain is still young & bubbly. I'm looking a long ...

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    Hi Evgeny,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    We still then need to keep on developing primarily on Ensemble and once we release, then we create a release file for IRIS, which sounds good. This does create the risk of testing something on...

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    Hi, Stefan! In this situation, I would suggest using RELEASES approach for different InterSystems Data Platforms. E.g. you can generate XML release package from the code base in git and then replace all the specific places for a given version on a build ...

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    Hi David,
    you have to use IRIS() (all uppercase).

    There is a typo in the documentation we will correct soon.


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    Caché Objects, Git Hi, We have a few projects and some of these projects share code "libraries". Some of which are persistent classes that are used by multiple systems. All these are currently deployed on Ensemble. We want to move some of the ...

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