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  • Article: A Case for Thawing Frozen Query Plans After Upgrade

    Indexing, Performance, SQL, Caché, InterSystems IRIS Language English Our team is reworking an application to use REST services that use the same database as our current ZEN application. One of the new REST endpoints uses a query that ran very slowly when ...

    Post by Jean Millette 8 hours 15 min ago

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    It's not really clear what you expect by "ID of the task" You get the actual process id by system variable   $JOB. If you look for the Task Name as seen in Taskmanager then  $this. GetTaskName() as %String Returns the localized name of this ...

    Answer to the post "How to know the ID of the task that called my class?" by Robert Cemper, 9 hours 8 min ago

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    You can alter queries via Studio/Atelier/VS Code IDEs. In portal you can run DROP QUERY and create the query again. ...

    Answer to the post "How to alter store procedure?" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 11 hours 16 min ago

  • Announcement: InterSystems Open Exchange Release, August 2019

    Release, Open Exchange Language English Hi Developers! Here is a new release of InterSystems Open Exchange- InterSystems applications gallery! What's new? Github Integration is improved; Better application update mechanism; UI/UX enhancements. See ...

    Post by Evgeny Shvarov 12 hours 9 min ago

  • Question: How to alter store procedure?

    SQL, InterSystems IRIS Language English I have created store procedure using management portal. how to alter or modify SP using SQL in management portal. Please refer below screen. InterSystems IRIS ...

    Post by Vivek Nayak 14 hours 15 min ago

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    Which have been broken already:


    Also. NIST considers SHA-1 as obsolete since 2011.
    SHA-256 is somewhat safer for now.

    We have some customer projects that uses a...

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    Thanks, Leon. Good to hear that you're still active in healthcare integration, and I hope we'll see more of  you here at the Developer's Community!

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    Good idea in such cases -- enable Audit and audit events LoginFailure and Protect. Reproduce the problem and then check Audit log.

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    I'm simply creating an interface between Caché and a web app that is using the .NET Core Identity Model. The PasswordSignInAsync() method returns a false sign-in result and I'm trying to determine why the password isn't being accepted. 

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    Worked perfectly, just as your advice in the old STC User group did.

    Many thanks. 


    Comment to the post "Adding a header line to a file" by Leon Duveen, 2 days ago