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  • Announcement: InterSystems IRIS sessions at vmworld Las Vegas

    Best Practices If you are attending vmworld Las Vegas remember to look for two sessions on InterSystems IRIS in the content catalog;  InterSystems IRIS sessions at vmworld Accelerating Digital Transformation with InterSystems IRIS and vSAN [HCI2501BU] is ...

    Post by Murray Oldfield 7 hours 1 min ago

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    Nice! I was looking for something like that.

    Comment to the post "Get the total amount of time a process is active" by Lucas Fernandes, 2 days ago

  • Announcement: CachéQuality updates and Roadmap

    Caché, Coding Guidelines, Development Environment, Tools Hi Community! We are proud to annouce our latest release of CachéQuality  to help you to find and solve coding errors, refactoring, help to follow you coding guidelines, etc. You can check the ...

    Post by Daniel Tamajon 10 hours 54 min ago

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    This is exactly what we do. We have an APP-CODE database, and the CI build process is basically:

    • pull the latest source from source control.
    • load the build script (which is an ObjectScript class that does the rest of the...

    Comment to the post "How to remove deleted classes" by Arcady Goldmints-Orlov, 21 hours 52 min ago

  • Question: Call javaScript used by Zen Component Page / Zen Page from a external javascript

    HealthShare, ZEN I have edited the Clinical Viewer portal.  I made a new timeline with Patient Encounters. Did this using a external javascript outside Zen Component used for current chartbook. So, i need to call function inside Zen Component. When i ...

    Post by Jeferson Amorim 14 hours 27 min ago

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    Besides dynamically changing the maxlen what else are you trying to accomplish/avoid? These values are used at compile time to generate the SQL catalog and become part of your contract (for clients calling them). If you were to dynamically change...

    Comment to the post "MAXLEN question" by warlin Garcia, 1 days ago

  • Question: %VID Question

    Caché I'm Trying to create a "Windowing Function" In Cache similar to SQL Server. I'm trying to create a Row Number for every account number (Example Below). I know I can use the %Vid function to create the Row Number but I need the ...

    Post by Jacob Hall 14 hours 48 min ago

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    I would just like the option of changing it in a function.

    Comment to the post "MAXLEN question" by Roberto Cahanap, 1 days ago

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    Hi, Lassi! Consider you have two databases on your production system: AppData- with application data AppCode- with the code for your solution. AppData namespace maps classes needed for the application in AppCode. You deploy your releases only in AppCode ...

    Answer to the post "How to remove deleted classes" by Evgeny Shvarov, 15 hours 52 min ago

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    Generally speaking, inside Caché you must have two functions InternalToExternal(name) As %String ExternalToInternal(path) As %String That translate Cache names (/app/index.csp) into filenames (i.e. C:\Temp\MyRepo\CSP\app\index.csp) and vice versa. Your CI ...

    Answer to the post "How to remove deleted classes" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 18 hours 27 min ago