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  • Article: Calculate the age of a person

    Beginner, Caché, Tips & Tricks Hi all, I've created a method to calculate the age of a person, or the age of a process, contract or other stuff as you want. /// Calculate the age from date of birth and other date (by default shoud be today). /// ...

    Post by Francisco López 44 min 48 sec ago

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    If you're trying to access data across several namespaces of the same instance you don't need xDBC.  Use either mappings or queries with local cache to move data.

    Comment to the post "Ensemble SQL Gateway failed error & StayConnected setting ?" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 8 hours 56 min ago

  • Question: Ensemble SQL Gateway failed error & StayConnected setting ?

    Caché, Ensemble, ODBC Howdy Developers of InterSystems Ensemble,   Has anyone experienced an alert generated from a business operation (BO), which uses EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter? That comes with an error message as below: ERROR #6022: Gateway failed: ...

    Post by Young Bae 8 hours 56 min ago

  • Article: Determine programmatically if unit tests failed

    Beginner, Code snippet, Testing I needed to know programmatically if last ran failed or not. After some exploring, here's the code: ClassMethod isLastTestOk() As %Boolean {set in = ##class (%UnitTest.Result.TestInstance). %OpenId (^UnitTest.Result) ...

    Post by Eduard Lebedyuk 10 hours 27 min ago

  • Question: Working with ByRef errorlog from $System.OBJ

    Beginner, Caché Several $System.OBJ methods have ByRef errorlog argument: Compile(ByRef classes As %String = "", qspec As %String = "", ByRef errorlog As %String, recurse As %Boolean = 0) ImportDir(dir As %String = "", ...

    Post by Eduard Lebedyuk 12 hours 32 min ago

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    Hi Antonio!

    The examples I have given show how to use the returning data. I show how to do it by

    • Direct using |CPIPE| and
    • By using a handy method on class %Net.Remote.Utility. 

    Have you seen it above?


    Comment to the post "How to interactively run a Windows or Unix command from inside Caché/Ensemble" by Amir Samary, 12 October 2017

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    In general I would agree:
    Though in order to use the class query you have the change  to namespace "%SYS" and  back.
    As the query is predefined you finally build your own lookup list which is a copy of the original global.


    Comment to the post "User Role Lookup from ZAUTHENTICATE" by Robert Cemper, 4 days ago

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    It was an error in the example - Data does not exist.

    I now fixed my example.

    Comment to the post "REST Data Limit" by Eduard Lebedyuk, 19 hours 29 min ago

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    Pinging @Stefan Wittmann for modern web development with InterSystems Data Platform recommendations.

    Comment to the post "How to start with Zen mojo application" by Evgeny Shvarov, 21 hours 52 min ago

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    What you've shown me inspired me to try something else...I can't draw from %request.Content.Data directly because it's always undefined, so I've had to use Read() all of the time whenever I need Data values from POST messages.

    This seems...

    Comment to the post "REST Data Limit" by David Crawford, 19 hours 29 min ago