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    I can't presume to know all decoders will unescape the solidus correctly.

    Escaping the solidus is not a strict rule in the specification and there may be implementations that do not unescape it.

    I think it is safer to say "most" than...

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    If you have team viewer,I can take a look at your code and resolve it.

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    There are some issues with above C code for manipulating a string of $LIST elements.

    I do not believe the above code will work on a big-endian platform, such as PowerPC running the AIX operating system.  Conversions from $LIST...

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    Agreed that there is nothing wrong with escaping a solidus.  However, saying "most decoders" will unescape the solidus correctly" is not quite correct.  "*ALL* decoders will unescape the solidus correctly."  If a decoder does not correctly...

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    Great tutorial.  Was able to get this all working fairly easy against an InterSystems IRIS for Health environment.  Looking forward to the next section.


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    The page in the management portal is limited and was never intended to meet the needs of everyone.

    The intention was to make the information readily accessible from SQL, so people could use their favorite reporting tool or dashboard product...

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    What a problem are you trying to solve? Is it to sort long strings? or ti find duplicates in long strings?

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    Yep. this is exactly what I did. I added a property JSON that was a string, and also added one that was a %Library.DynamicObject. Both of them when I went to assign the JSON array as in:

    Set MyObj.JSON=JSONString.%ToJSON()

    gave me the...

  • Question: %SYS.LDAP - AddExts

    Web Development, ZEN, Caché, InterSystems IRIS Language English Hi, Anyone know the correct way to pass the user and password of a new account using  %SYS.LDAP? Set  Status = ##Class (%SYS.LDAP). AddExts (LD, DN, Attributes) Caché InterSystems IRIS ...

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