Bukhtiar Ahmad · May 28, 2020

<UNDEFINED>zSaveData+53^HS.UI.Registry.Patients.1 *tResponse


While adding new patient getting this message, any idea what could be the problem

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Your property undefined means you are using a variable not referenced in code. There is no reference to any tResponse it looks like in your code. Have you checked the case on this variable i.e. you declared it as tresponse instead of tResponse? Are you sure it is tResponse and not a pResponse?


Hi Mark

i didn’t do any coding Or made any changes to the code , I simply installed and trying to add a patient and this message coming . I want add some patient so I can view them on clinical viewer that I also installed as separate instance.

we can connect so I can share my screen so you can help me finding the exact reason behind this error?


I suggest you contact the WRC for help with this.

Hi @Bukhtiar Ahmad , 

Patient Registry is intended to maintain Patient Data or visualize, but not to "create". Did you try to add patient direct trough some SDA or HL7 file?

Another try or alternative to "create" patients is from Registry using the "Test Utility", but there you can have only demographics or upload documents using some IHE profile... the other alternative is using de Registry's API