Jonathan Lent · May 6

Is ZPM suitable for an interop production?

I'm just starting off with ZPM and noticed that examples of library-type packages and full applications abound, but I have not unearthed any that demonstrate packaging an interop production. It doesn't seem like it would be too big of a jump from a full application to an interop production, but that is likely ignorance speaking.

So, does anybody know if this is possible/advisable -- or if I am just way off on the intent of ZPM?


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Hi Jonathan! It's definitely possible.

Here is the template. You can install it with :

zpm "install interoperability-sample"

Hi Jonathan.
ZPM is very useful for deploying interoperability. Last year, there was even an interop competition.
Many worthy projects took part in it.

Most of the Interoperability components are classes, so you can use ZPM as usual.

There are also other components in Interoperability that are not classes.

ZPM supports:

  • .LUT - Lookup tables
  • .ESD - for Ens.Config.DefaultSettings
  • .X12 - for X12 documents.

If you use such components, they by default located in the i14y folder of your project. (i14y stands for interoperability).

Today we have updated the template that Evgeny Shvarov mentioned: interoperability-sample.

Now in this example, you will also find examples of working with LUT and ESD.