· May 29, 2022 1m read

ZPM - Adding CSP pages into an existing Namespace

ZPM is a great tool.
You can compose a large WebApplication following the existing examples.   
But differently, to Classes, Routines, Macros, or Globals I found no direct way     
to deploy a few additional CSP pages directly into an existing Namespace     
without touching the existing content.

A side issue was to find a solution that is independent of WIN or Linux directories.

My solution acts in 2 steps

  1. Loading the CSP sources from ZPM
  2. Moving them into the Namespace and compiling them.

#1 is a ZPM default and uses an intermediate CSP_directory
#2 is covered by $System.OBJ.ImportDir()

And it never cares whether directory slashes bend forward or backward.

I tested it in Linux, Windows, Docker Build with no issues.

This is the related example module.xlm


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