· Jun 30, 2016

WinSQL and HealthShare 2015.2: unable to see tables through catalogue and intellisense

Hi, after installed Healthshare 2015.2, all the tables previously correctly listed working with Healtshare 2014.1 are NOT listed anymore. TrakCare tables are not listed in the catalogue, nor by the WinSQL Intellisense.

Does anybody know a trick or have a hint to resume this useful functionality back?  


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You can enable the ODBC log by going to the 32-bit Driver Manager (C:\Windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe) and opening your DSN.  Click 'ODBC Log' which is a checkbox in the bottom-left of the screen.  Then open WinSQL, and refresh the catalog, and close WinSQL again (this last piece forces the log to flush out of buffers onto disk).  The log file will be in C:\Users\Public\Logs\CacheOBDC.log.