· Oct 27, 2017

Why there is no entry in Workflow tasklist after raising a task

Hi All,

  I have a rasing task from BPL using <call>, it needs to add an entry in workflow task list and the task has to rais.

  after performing, 

  I didn't see the entry in workflow task list, but the task gets raised.

  In What is the root cause for this.

  Why there is no entry in tasklist after raising task?, How to verify it?



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Are you calling the workflow using an asynchronous <call> activity and using a <sync> activity to wait on it? For how long is your <sync> activity waiting? Beware that a workflow task will only stay on the workflow inbox while that <sync> activity is not done. So, if you don't have a <sync> activity or if the timeout on the <sync> activity is too short, the task will not appear on the workflow inbox or appear only momentarily.

The idea is that the BPL can put a timeout as an SLA on that task. If no one finish that task until that timeout expires, you will receive whatever (incomplete) response is there and, maybe, escalate to other roles, send alerts, etc.

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