· Feb 26, 2016 1m read

Why Drupal? Why not Confluence? Or custom?

I'm curious what factors led to the choice.  

I thought it was odd that a software company chose Drupal as opposed to a custom solution, but now that I know you're using JIRA the decision of Drupal over Confluence really has me perplexed.

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I will start by saying I like to use the right tool for the job when the option is available.

The Atlasssian guys agree with that approach:

Drupal is a CMS (Content management system) / WCM (Web content management) system while Confluence is an enterprise collaboration and wiki platform.  Sure there is feature overlap but the product goals are different.

Though I’m a fan of products that run on the Java Platform, one cannot deny the popularity, ecosystem, and success of technologies like PHP for web content management.

I’ve deployed several successful sites on Drupal technology and so has Acquia (The creators of Drupal).  However, I like to make data driven decisions as experience (including my own) can bias choices.

Some points of research:



Ecosystem / Community (Very strong):

I also evaluated the latest versions of Joomla, Wordpress, HippoCMS and few others.  The total offering of Drupal/Acquia/Community/Ecosystem led to the selection of Drupal.

This site is currently at its initial version and infancy.  It will evolve in feature, function, and aesthetics.  Success one is getting it launched.


More to come...

Oddly, I hate Java and that was my biggest complaint and headache with JIRA and Confluence :)

I agree that Confluence is (currently) an "Enterprise collaboration and wiki platform" but it is evolving, and with some of the very high-quality addons available I think it could have been a good fit for this community.  For instance, there is a very good Question & Answer addon.  

I just sincerely think Confluence is a superior product and though it may not have been the ideal fit I feel like it would have taken less effort to get it to a better point already.  

That's not to say that I think this is or will be a failure.  As I've said, it's progressing nicely and I'm confident it will be usable and valuable.  I was just curious as to why Drupal was chosen.