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Which processes do you need to monitor in Windows to check that InterSystems IRIS is working properly

InterSystems FAQ rubric

In Windows, set the processes with the following image names as monitoring targets.


contains important system processes.
* Please refer to the attachment for how to check important system processes that should be monitored.


This is the process for handling IRIS instances via services.
When this process ends, it does not directly affect the IRIS instance itself, but stopping IRIS (stopping the service) is no longer possible.


%Service_Telnet Starts when the service is enabled and becomes a daemon process to access IRIS via Telnet.
Once this process is finished, Telnet access to the IRIS instance will no longer be possible.


%Service_Console This is a daemon process that starts when the service is enabled (enabled by default) and accesses IRIS from the server's local terminal (from the server's IRIS launcher to the terminal).
After this process ends, local terminal access to the IRIS instance is no longer possible.


The process for the IRIS Launcher that appears in the system tray.
The presence or absence of this process does not affect the IRIS instance, so there is no particular need to monitor it.


License server process is started when using multi-server type licenses.


Apache process for the management portal.

To obtain a list of processes inside IRIS, select the following menu of the Management Portal or
  [Management Portal] > [System Operation] > [Process].

You can also check the process list from the command line by launching a terminal.

do ALL^%SS

Please see the following documents for details.
IRIS Core Processes

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