where is CACHÉ Cube?(macOS HighSierra macOS HighSierra 10.13.6)


What I am impatient now is that after installing CACHÉ, CACHÉ Cube necessary for operating CACHÉ is installed as standard, and in Windows, if CACHÉ Cube's cube mark is displayed on the task bar, Although it is described in the case of Mac, there is no description on where the cube is located on the Mac + CACHÉ Cube is not found even in the PC.where is CACHÉ cube??????(CACHÉ Trial version)

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Caché cube icon available only for Windows. But there is an external project Cube, but it was not developed so long.



First - welcome to the InterSystems Developer Community and to exploring InterSystems database technologies!

I see that you changed your original post and content and changed it to ask about the cube (original post was "question I want to use the database in the evaluation version").  I think it might be easier for you if I try to answer your first question ;)

My suggestion is that if you are new with InterSystems technologies that you start with InterSystems IRIS rather than Caché.  There are some great cloud-based trials for exploring and learning about InterSystems IRIS and you don't have to install anything locally in order to play with it.  

Please check out: https://www.intersystems.com/learn-play/

If you would prefer to play with Caché locally, then I am sure someone can answer your question about the cube (I am not on a Mac so I can't advise on that point).

All the best!