· Feb 5, 2021

Where are Shared Storage Calculated Members stored? Also where are Subject Areas stored?

I was having trouble with some dimension based calculated members defined in Analyzer.  They would work and then not work.   At one point I had two identical calculated measures, same code, same specification and one would work and one would not.  I was trying to set them up in "shared storage", that checkbox in the calculated member dialog that should allow the measures to be used across multiple pivots. 

My hypothesis to the inconsistent behavior of the calculated members was that their definitions were somehow being mangled behind the scenes when the Analyzer logged the "shared code" to classes or where ever it goes.  A clue was that the "Dimension Level" drop down resets to the top most choice when opening the dialog for a calculated member.  It's not clear if it sets it improperly or it's just a UI bug that doesn't display your current config for the calculated member.  I wanted to see this code.  I went to folder manager and exported the pivots (I didn't think it would be there since it's "shared").  I exported the cube class.  Between the XMLs, I can't find where shared calculated members defined in the Analyzer are defined.  I did a search through classes and didn't turn up anything.  Where is the code for Analyzer Shared Stored Calculated Members stored?

Even though I could not find the calculate member defs, it turned out that was the problem.  I unchecked the shared stored boxes and sure enough, the calculated measures not only worked, but were much faster to compute.  I'm not sure what is going on with that.  At one point I did have multiple Analyzer windows open maybe that had something to do with it.

And one other question is where are subject areas stored?  I am properly promoting them between namespaces/environments when I export/import cube classes, but as far as I can tell, there are no discrete classes for subject areas.  Where is the code for subject areas stored?

Thanks for any tips!

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Hi Lee!

In addition to @Asaf Sinay's advice, I can recommend to try ISC DEV module

It has a nice feature:

d ##class(dev.code).export("*.DFI")

it will export all DFI and all IRIS BI (DeepSee) globals involved.

It's handy if you care about source-control with IRIS BI solutions and want to deploy it next.

ISC Dev could be installed as:

zpm "install isc-dev"