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What does a Starter Pack stand for?

I'm glad to announce we have recently released our second Starter Pack. This one is for the Mining Industry, and the first was for Industrial IoT (OEE).

But what does it exactly mean?

InterSystems IRIS Starter Packs (thanks to Joe Lichtenberg that helped with this text)

InterSystems IRIS Starter Packs are codebases built by an InterSystems partner using InterSystems IRIS Data Platform that shortens the time to develop a complete application that addresses a specific industry or technology challenge. It is not a completed application.  Rather, it is a starter code that can be extended and customized by partners and customers to meet specific customer requirements and environments.

Examples of Starter Packs include predictive maintenance for OEMs, a reconciliation engine for financial services companies, and an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) dashboard for manufacturers.

Starter Packs enable InterSystems partners to generate more sales opportunities and shorten sales cycles by being able to promote and demonstrate specific industry or technology solutions to their prospects. They also increase margins by shortening the time and effort required for a partner to develop a completed custom application for a customer.

Starter Packs (and the associated Intellectual Property) are owned by InterSystems, freely distributed to our community based on MIT License. Partners and customers own the derivative work created via modifications or customizations to the Starter Packs, such that partners and customers extend and implement the Starter Packs without concerns about intellectual property restrictions.

Where can you find the Starter Packs?

You can find the Starter Packs in InterSystems Open Exchange

- IRIS Smart Factory Starter Pack

- IRIS Smart Mining Starter Pack 


enlightened Important information

As usual in the marketplaces, Starter Packs are not real products but working pieces of software that can be used to understand a use case or accelerate development.  So, Starter Packs are not supported by InterSystems.

In case of any problem, you may find, create an "issue" in the proper tab in Open Exchange.

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