Kenneth Poindexter · Jan 6, 2016

What are the best steps for troubleshooting a Windows Printer

What are the best steps for troubleshooting printing to a Windows printer from Cache.  The printer has been configured in the Windows Printer Manager and has been able to print a test page (from the windows print manager).

The device has been configured in Cache -> Sys Admin -> Config -> Device Settings -> Devices with properly formatted |PRN|printer device name and "W" for open parameters and 101 for Alias.

From a command prompt, O 101 U 101 write something U 0 C 101 doesnt output anything to the printer, but does create a document in the Windows print spooler.


What steps should one take to troubleshoot this problem.

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For Printer issues on Windows you want to make sure the Cache Service ("Caché Controller for...")  is set to run as an Administrator account.