· Nov 23, 2023

Vista RPC Broker and IRIS

Hello all,

I have downloaded the latest community edition of IRIS and have stood up a vista system with File Manager, Taskman, the RPC Broker  etc up and running just fine on the latest FOIA release. I am trying to eventually connect a JS/React front end to a long-term mumps project of mine via the RPC Broker within my vista instance. I realize there is probably a much easier way to perform CRUD operations in my database via a web app without using the RPC Broker in a Vista instance, but I would like to eventually turn this project into a tool that my dev team could use, so need to do it this way to make that happen. Before I bothered getting into the weeds of my front end, I wanted to ensure my connection to the Broker was good to go and returning data from the RPCs in my instance via Postman, but have not been able to do so as I get a 403 error every time.

I cannot figure out what this URL should look like that is hitting the web server or in general what the proper way is to set up the POST request that is coming from Postman. The RPC Broker is running on port 9000 (the port in my server is 9000 as well) and my URL looks like some variation of this:   http://localhost:52773/RPCNAME          I have a knowledge gap on exactly how this communication is taking place on the web server and what the mechanism is that actually reaches into Vista, so am a bit lost on where to even begin solving this problem.

The RPC itself is in the RPC File etc and all the obvious things are in place in vista as far as I can tell. Can anyone explain how I properly hit the RPC Broker? Any information is much appreciated. I've read all the documentation I can find but there just isn't much out there on hitting vista via a web app.  I know its possible to do so though because I am on a project right now that is doing just this, however, there is a very complicated architecture in place with middle layers + authentication (and a management portal that I have no access to), so I have not been able to find the answer there. Thanks,



Product version: IRIS 2023.2
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It is not only about vista. There is an intersystems web server in play here that I am not sure I am properly communicating with long before it would hit vista. I asked what kind of URL Intersystems is expecting in a POST, how people are interacting via postman and what their requests look like, and what is really going on under the hood of the web server in these cases. How people typically resolve 403 errors would be a great place to start. There is plenty to talk about here that isnt about vista. 

You already found port 52773

IRIS does not have http://localhost:52773/RPCNAME

Where did you get it RPCNAME? How did you configure it in IRIS? What else would you expect it to answer?

I tried to find anything about VistA RPC Broker, and found only an installation guide from 1997, It's a year when Caché was released. 

So, you are asking about VistA RPC Broker on IRIS, I don't know how it's possible 

And why it's an issue with IRIS, not with VistA RPC Broker

As previously mentioned by others, you'll need to build a new integration in Iris to fetch information from the file manager.

You could create a custom REST service that exposes an endpoint for your use case. The REST service would send a RPC request to the RPC Broker via a custom business operation. Furthermore, this business operation would handle the communication between Iris and the RPC Broker. This is required, because the RPC Broker does not support REST communication and instead relies on its own proprietary communication protocol.

We have created such business operation for Iris <-> RPC Broker communication. If you're interested, please feel free to PM me :)