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View your FHIR Data with iris-fhir-lab application


Hi Community

In this article, I will introduce my application iris-fhir-lab.

IRIS-FHIR-Lab is a web application that connects to any open FHIR server and gets all of its resources, dynamically lists down resources, and displays its details both in JSON and human-readable format. The application also has the functionality to Create Patient/Patient observation resources, display Patient related resources, transform FHIR messages to HL7 V2 and HL7 V2 to FHIR messages.

Application Features

  • Add/Remove any Open FHIR Server.
  • Dynamically get the list of all FHIR resources.
  • View full details of the resources in JSON and Human readable format.
  • View Patient related resources.
  • Post basic Patient resources.
  • Post Patient Observation resources.
  • Transform FHIR message to HL7 V2.
  • Transform HL7 V2 message to FHIR.

Getting Started

To start the application, Navigate to http://localhost:32783/csp/fhirlab/index.csp to run the application

Add/Remove any Open FHIR Server

As part of the default setup, two servers are pre-configured with the below configuration:

However, to add other open FHIR Server, click on the add server button

Enter the information and select the add server button


To Remove the server just click on the Delete link

after the confirmation, the server will be deleted


View Resources

Click on the Resources List to view Resource records and further click on the record to view JSON and Human readable details of selected Resource.

Search Resources

To search, type resource in the search field




View Patient Resources 

Click on the Patient resource and then click on patient ID in the patient resource detail list
  The system will list patent-related resources

Create Patient Resource

Select Create Resource from the menu, enter patient information, and click the post resource button

To view the added patient resource, click on the Patient Resources menu

Create Patient Observation Resource

Select Create Observation from the menu and enter observation resource data, Click Post Observation to create an observation

To view created observation, navigate to the Patient Resources menu and select Patient ID then select Observation

FHIR to HL7 V2 transformation

Select the Patient Resource, then select the FHIR tab and click on the “Transform FHIR to HL7 V2” button

Application will get the transformation message HL7 V2 with the help of FHIR Server production.

Transformation is utilizing IRIS Digital Health Interoperability to convert the FHIR message to the HL7 V2 message.

HS.FHIRServer.Interop.Service Business Service sends FHIR message to the FHIRRouter business process,
FHIRRouter business process sends FHIR message to the FHIR_SDA business process,
FHIR_SDA business process sends SDA message to the SDA_HL7 business process which finally converts SDA message to HL7 V2 message.

FHIRRouter Business Process

Visual Trace



HL7 V2 to FHIR transformation

Select HL7 to FHIR from the menu and enter HL7 V2 data, Click the convert button to transform HL7 message to FHIR message



HL7 to FHIR Transformation is also using production to convert the HL7 V2 message to the FHIR message.

HL7_Http_Service Business Service sends HL7 message to HL7_SDA process and then HL7_SDA sends SDA data to SDA_FHIR process, which finally converts it to FHIR

FHRI Sample data

Two FHIR servers are added by default. You can Add/Remove the FHIR server as well. FHIR sample data is imported already,
To view Open Postman and make a GET call for the preloaded Patient: http://localhost:32783/csp/fhirserver/fhir/r4/Patient/3


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