· Jul 13, 2017

Video of the week: Upgrades - Minimizing Business Disruption

Hi Community!

Please find the Developer Community video of the week on the InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel

Upgrades - Minimizing Business Disruption
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In this video you can learn about minimizing system downtime using Caché mirroring.

You are very welcome to watch all the videos from Global Summit 2016 in a dedicated playlist on our InterSystems Developers YouTube.

Enjoy! yes

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Hi, Mike!

What is a dedicated playlist?

If we have series of video related to one topic we put them in playlists.

Today we have following playlists on DC YouTube channel:

InterSystems: Who We Are - videos which describe our corporate code, who we are, what we do and what matters.

InterSystems iKnow - videos describing InterSystems iKnow technology which helps to build solutions by managing unstructured data.

Atelier - videos, related to InterSystems IDE Atelier.

Global Summit 2016 - videos from last year Global Summit sessions.

Community Projects - videos related to some community projects and solutions presentations. BTW, if you want to describe your solution, tool or a framework in a video we would love to upload it on DC channel in this playlist.

Also, are the video available on a plain hyperlink?

Sure.  E.g. here is the link: Many Data Sources - One Application.