· Mar 8

[Video] InterSystems Deployment Options

Hi Developers,

Enjoy watching the new video on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ InterSystems Deployment Options @ Global Summit 2022

Choosing the right deployment environment for your application built with InterSystems technologies means making informed decisions on a range of topics:

  • Container, virtual machine, or bare metal?
  • On-premise, hosted, private cloud, or public cloud?
  • Linux or Windows Horizontal scaling, vertical scaling, or both?
  • Platform high availability or synchronous mirroring?
  • Disaster recovery required or not.

In this this session, you'll hear real-world feedback about current best practices, the thinking behind it, and how InterSystems can help you make deployment decisions that mean your system will be effective, scalable, and resilient.

🗣  Presenter: @Ray Wright, Principal Technology Architect, InterSystems

Enjoy it and stay tuned! 👍

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