· Sep 15, 2021

Very experienced Ensemble/IRIS Developer seeking Contract or Permanent Job Opportunities


I am a very experienced Ensemble and IRIS developer who has spent his entire career either working for InterSystems or with their products. I was a Senior Sales Engineer with InterSystems for 14 years with a further four years working for InterSystems TrakHealth. I started working for the InterSystems UK office and from there I spent several years travelling to InterSystems offices in Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Israel and eventually ending up in the South African office. I moved back to South Africa in 2001. I continued travelling for InterSystems until 2007 when I got married, opened a Guesthouse and took a break from all of the years of travelling and coding. However, I am a developer at heart and a year later I was offered a contract and so, for the following four years, I contracted, primarily writing HL7 and Instrument Interfaces for LabTrak. In 2011 I joined Trak Australia and continued to work on Interfaces, the Web Result Viewer and other support issues for LabTraks largest site, the National Health Laboratory Systems (NHLS) which runs all of the Public Laboratories in South Africa. I am a dedicated, devoted and passionate developer and so I left Trak to take up the opportunity to write Interfaces for Pharmacy Applications interfacing with Pharmacy Robotics. The two major versions of my Robot Interface were deployed in 8 sites controlling 35 robots. I have recently registered a company in the UK called NiPaRobotica to market my software. I am developing a second product which is a generic Robotics Interface that will be able to interact with robots either through the robots API's or at a more low-level interaction with the Robots mechanical Python or ROS based Operating System. I have years of HL7 experience and 4 years of FHIR. I am now beginning to write Python, R and Julia with the aim of broadening my Analytics, ML, AI and NLP skills. I am open to remote work, extended travel or re-location for contract or full-time employment opportunities. My CV, examples of functional and technical documentation, flowcharts, process flows, UML and examples of my code and code documentation available on request. I am experienced in Jira and Agile methodologies.

Nigel Salm

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