Yone Moreno · Aug 18, 2020

Validate signature from string


We would need to handle the following use case:

A system replies to our GET with a list of codes and a signature.

Each code has been signed with the SHA512withECDSA algorithm

We would need to:

1 Concatenate all codes in a string

2 Decode the string which is in Base 64

3 Validate the string using the signature which we get in the reply



We have read for step 2:


For step 3 we have found:

This example at "Validating a Signature" which validates the <Signature> element in an XML


➡️ Could you show us some documentation or examples which could help us?

How would you validate that the string which contains all the code has been signed with the algorithm?

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I did not find any mention of ECDSA in InterSystems products, so, not sure if it's supported natively. I would look at some external tools which could help you with it. And you can start from openssl. And If I undestood correctly, you'll also need a public certificate, which used to make such a signature.