· Aug 20, 2018

using import in an xsd schema

Hi I'm just trying to make sure I'm not missing a trick here.

Basically our PAS doesn't do hl7 messages but does some XML which you can create. So I'm just trying to create some xml files and then get healthshare/ensemble to parse them and to process accordingly. 

I'm getting some good results doing this. But maybe I've got a small hitch. In each of my xml files I've the data for the patient/client. 

Then in the xml schema which I've imported I've specified the elements. I've created a subtransform which has helped when converting but perhaps I should have created a schema for the client which I then can reuse in each of the others. So if I added on another client element it would be simple to do as I would only need to do it in a few places.

I can't seem to find any docs on this.

Has anyone got any examples.



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