· Jan 16, 2022 1m read

Using a docker container group with IRIS, the Openflights Dataset and Apache Zeppelin

Hi! For the Opendataset contest I've build a docker container app stack that use InterSystems IRIS & Openflights Dataset in a container and second container with Apache Zeppelin. You can found details here:

With that you can query the Opendflights Dataset from Apache Zepplin with zero configuration. The containers are on hub.docker so you can use it very easily.

If we look at the Docker Dashboard, we’ll see that there is a group named openflights_demo:


Apache Zeppelin is available via


As you see on the screenshot the database port is also exposed so you can connect IRIS directly as you like.

Please also note the incredibly elaborate and sophisticated youtube video! ;-)
For the sound a dolby atmos device is recommended  ;-)



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