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It's a very interesting question. I think you mean something like some low-code platform.

I have not any of such and don't know about it. But suppose, such tools should work with a backend over REST.

If so, I see no reason, that it would not work with IRIS.

If you have some such tools in mind, could you share them, so, I would look, and check how easy it would be to connect to IRIS?

One of our partner is looking at AXURE (axure.com)

Well, Axure, is just a prototyping tool. And it does not have anything that would help to create something production-ready, with any kind of backend at all. It would be probably ok for designers to create some prototype of the application, or probably make something working, but only if no database is needed at all, such as a landing page.

So, I don't think that this tool could be considered in this role